Bristol Health Partners is a collaboration between the city's health institutions, local government and universities. Our 2016-17 annual review highlights the milestones and achievements of this strategic partnership, which works to improve the health of people living in Bristol, and the services on which they rely.

Highlights for 2016-17

Timeline: milestones in 2016-17

Explore the timeline from April 2016 to March 2017, which showcases some of the key moments in the year for Bristol Health Partners.

Five years of achievement

The first Bristol Health Partners partnership agreement was signed in April 2012, so now is a good moment to reflect on what Bristol Health Partners has achieved during that time.

Research and partner highlights

2016-17 saw Bristol awarded £21 million for a new NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, and the opening of the West of England NHS Genomic Medicine Centre.

Healthy City Week Bristol 2016

What do Dr Phil Hammond, apple juice pressing and social prescribing have in common? They were all part of Healthy City Week Bristol 2016.

Our Health Integration Teams

Health Integration Teams (HITs) are cross-organisational, inter-disciplinary groups of health professionals, academics, patients and the public that look at particular health issues or conditions. These pioneering teams are started by passionate experts in their field, and accredited by our Executive. We now have 19, with six others in the pipeline. Our HIT Directors give an update on what they’ve achieved this year.

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